Real Estate Enhancement

Real Estate Enhancement from IADA is the art of identifying and enhancing the sellling features of a property to improve the property’s marketability.

  • Real Estate Enhancement professionals, trained by IADA, apply their professional objectivity to shorten the resale time, maximize financial return and broaden market appeal.
  • RES professionals help in accessorizing and resetting furniture throughout the property to enhance its appeal. By depersonallizing a property, it better allows potential buyers to picture themselves in the property.
  • Visual preparation of a home or property by a RES professional is a proven way to achieve three critical factors: shorter resale time, broader market appeal and maximum financial return.
  • The IADA Real Estate Enhancement Services Programâ„¢ was specifically designed for the Interior Arrangement and Design Association’s professional members and graduates who want to offer real estate enhancement services to their repertoire of client services.

    Real Estate Enhancement Services Mission Statement
    The purpose of this continuing education for IADA Members and Graduate Member Candidates is to establish and maintain standards for the acknowledged concept of real estate enhancement, to foster professional contact, and provide a network of information and marketing support for this specialized area of design developed by the Interior Arrangement and Design Association.